Debt Collection Agencies and Their Legitimate Practices

Debt collection agencies are a necessity in our current business climate. Although the collection agency has always been needed, with the increasing amount of business debt being accumulated by companies, it is even more necessary for debt collection agencies to be around. An agency is called upon by companies that are no longer able to get payment for their invoices from a business. Business debt can rack up quickly with interest charges and sometimes companies that are experiencing difficulties will simply stop paying and suddenly find themselves unable to pay altogether. When that happens, debt collection agencies can step in.Debt collection agencies generally buy the business debt from the company but pay only a portion of the invoice. The company is happy because it has managed to recuperate a percentage of the outstanding debt and then no longer has to deal with trying to collect – that becomes the collection agency’s responsibility. The agency must then try to collect on the full amount of the debt. If they are able to do that then they walk away richer and everyone is happy. In some cases collection agencies must eat a loss because they are unable to collect on the debt at all. Therefore, it is not surprising that many unsavoury and illegal practices have sprung up with agencies. However, remember that they are allowed to use certain methods to collect – they just are not allowed to intimidate or harass the person or company from which they are trying to collect.The most important thing to look for when you are looking to hire a collection agency is that they follow legitimate practices. For instance they are allowed to contact a business or individual from whom they are trying to collect only between the hours of 8am and 8pm. They are not allowed to contact a person at their place of work nor are they allowed to speak with that person’s boss, colleagues, friends or family except to find out how they can reach the individual in question. They are not allowed to divulge the reason for their visit nor are they allowed to deliberately sully that individual’s name by telling everyone that the person has defaulted on their payments.If you are not sure where to find debt collectors that follow legitimate collection practices, you can always ask around. Most businesses will have had to call upon an agency at some point and are usually more than happy to provide others with reference to good debt collection companies.Although collection agencies have always been around, given the dismal state of current world economies, it is not surprising that the collections industry has seen a jump in growth and in business. It has also meant that a large number of unscrupulous agencies have emerged to fill the need in the marketplace. It is, therefore, even more vital than ever that you vet every debt collection agency on your short list so that you can rest assured that you are hiring only a legitimate company.

Door Entry Handlesets For the Modern Home – How Can I Choose the Right Handleset For My New Home?

What ever happened to the plain, brass door knob on your entry door? Well, to be honest, it is becoming as rare as brass in decorating new homes. Nickel and chrome are the new bright or antique brass. You can have polished nickel, brushed chrome, or a clear chrome that adds to the look of your new home.Where browns and creams were once the color scheme of choice, we now have shades of white and black, making brass handsets a faux pas. Your door entry handlesets should represent your style, and show off the rest of the metal in the home. You want a complimentary color and finish to your decorating theme, so if you want to choose the right handleset for your new home, then you need to look at the other colors in your home.If you have a lot of stained wood, hard wood floors, and an ‘autumn’ color scheme in your home, bright brass or antique brass are definitely a must. If you have a log cabin style home, look at antique or distressed brass. If you have a modern style of home with sharp angles, and blacks and whites with modern art in the living room, a front door that screams new and fresh, then a chrome or nickel handleset is appropriate for you.Those who find themselves somewhere in between need to look at a high quality, oil rubbed bronze handlset for their new home. Oil rubbed bronze starts out nearly black, and as it is used, will eventually have hints of bronze peak through the finish. It gives the dark, matte colors of a modern home, but also allows for a touch of old world class in the bronze seeking to appear through the rest. If you are looking for a handleset for a modern home and are looking to save some money, then your option may be a simple, matte white handleset. White, like Black, will go with most hardware styles, looks OK on painted wood, or vinyl (but not so much as stained wood), and is typically significantly cheaper than a metallic finished handleset.Lever handles are becoming the rage over knobs, too. Whether you want an old world look or something new and modern, the lever handle can accommodate you. It brings more attention to the handleset, and lets the visitor’s eye travel to the different uniting themes in your decoration.

Getting Online Training Software

You might be spending so much money of training projects especially if you run a big company. Of course, you want your employees to get suitable skills for the job roles. Sometimes it isn’t easy having to train your employees or get the training you want.Today things are made easier and simpler with training software. With the software you can now get your training from home, needing only your internet connection. Online training is cost effective and efficiently designed to meet your needs in any specified field.There are so many online training softwares and developers. You can even have your own training software developed for you. Many e-Learning software developers populate the internet. It suffices to get the best software developer.You can even set up your own online training tool with a software like eLeaP. Browsing online will reveal tons of sites offering services in this light at affordable prices.Having an online software is as easy as anything. What you need to do is to subscribe for the application and have your tool set up by yourself to meet your needs.The online courses you want could be designed in the format that you choose. The the eLeaP™ Training Software Management System, for instance, is one of the easiest e-Learning Content System that you can use to manage your organization’s learning.getting an easy-to-use software isn’t a difficult thing any more. The online developers offer you the possibility of getting lot of things done by yourself. Just buy the online tool needed to develop your learning system that meets your goals.This will save you time and money. Yes, because you will not need to have people sit in a class for learning. Anyone can take the course from any corner of the world, provided s/he has internet connection.

Online Degrees in Education

Education is very extensive field and provides you several diverse opportunities. Degree holders or teachers can concentrate on early, middle or secondary students. They can also work in administrative positions. Professionals can also specialize in designing teaching material, adult education or they can also get training as an administrative specialist such as principal or vice principal.Goals of Earning Online Degrees in EducationTeaching is considered as very easy going profession. But if you really want to become a good teacher you must have multiple skill and expertise like ability of handling students, strong communication skills and talent to convince, motivate and train. After earning any online degree in education from top accredited online university or college you will be able to train students to resolve the problems. If you start your career as elementary teacher you will teach all subjects of basic level. But on secondary level you will teach subjects of your area of specialization. Higher level online degrees in education enable you for higher education positions such as community colleges, vocational schools and universities.Online Degrees in EducationSeveral online degrees from associates to doctorate levels are available. Many top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges offer online degrees in education. Following are the online degrees available.o Associates Degree in Education
o Bachelors Degree in Education
o Masters Degree in Education
o Ph.D. Education Degree
o Degree in Early Childhood Education
o Master Degree in Education AdministrationOnline Associates in EducationOnline Associates Degree in Education is ideal for working individual to make a career move. It is very beneficial because it is very focused and practical without vast time obligation of bachelor’s degree. You will focus on a general education courses that include sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. After earning associates level degree your potential career paths incorporate teaching in a Head Start program, Elementary school Para professional and teacher assistant. Associates degree is considered as initial level online degree in education.Online Bachelors Degree in EducationOnline Bachelors Degree in Education provides you option to become certified K-6 Teacher. You will get thorough knowledge of K-6 elementary teacher certification, advanced educational studies, human recourse development, corporate training and higher education. You can select any specific subject of your interest. You will be able to help young students to develop skills and acquiring knowledge. After earning online bachelors you can work as elementary/high school teacher, counselor, course developer, researcher and college professor.Online Masters Degree in EducationOnline Masters in education enables you to join better paying administrative jobs. Masters degree gives you the chance to become certified professional after bachelor. MAT or MIT and M.Ed. are the common master degrees available in education. You can continue to work as teacher or choose to work as principal or assistant principal. This degree provides opportunity to professionals to earn degree with job. You can earn this online degree in education to advance your career. Following are some master’s concentrations availableo Administration and supervision
o Adult education
o Distance learning
o Special education
o Curriculum and technologyOnline Ph.D. Education DegreeOnline Ph.D. degree is the highest level online degree in education. It is suitable for passionate professional wishes to gain higher grade job. It is basically for individuals already had teaching experience. After earning online masters degree you can teach as professor at university. You will also able to conduct research and apply what you learnt. You can specialize in elementary and secondary education, special education, adult education and higher education.Online Degree in Early Childhood EducationOnline degree in early childhood education is also an important online degree in education. After earning this degree you will be able to work with children below the typical school age between 3 and 5. Course work includes child psychology, parenting and early learning strategies.Professional finds job in elementary or pre-schools. Early Childhood Education professionals effectively train young children during critical time in which formative learning, skill building and social growth takes place. Children who gain proper training at this stage of life can effectively find their way through the academic and social rigors that every student will have to face later in life. That’s why schools, families and government spend considerable money on early childhood education.Online Master in Education AdministrationOnline Master in Education Administration is a unique online degree in education. It is designed for education professionals who have keen interest in administration issues. Course work includes education finance, school law, duties of principal, community relation and supervision of personnel. Degree needs internship experiences in school administration at administrative and principal level. Plenty of jobs are available in educational administration. Educational administrators can work on variety of jobs ranging from day care administrator to college president or school principal. Administrators have good communication skills and able to prepare budgets, supervise student’s progress, manage everyday operations, fund raise, designing policies and standards and command institute to maintain the state and national standards.

What Is The Focus of Worksite Wellness Today? – A Series – What Is Health? (Does It Matter?)

The field and practice of worksite wellness today basically revolves around three terms – health, wellness and wellbeing. Other terms also seen used include: thriving, flourishing, health promotion, optimal living and quality of life. But the big three are health, wellness and wellbeing.Since these terms are used interchangeably or as synonyms, I have wondered just how different or the same these terms are? When I framed out this question in my mind, I thought it would be simple enough to just look-up their definitions and I would have my answer.But, boy was I wrong. Definitions only got me so far and not very far at that. It appears that a clearer picture requires understanding the term’s concept and context, as well as its definition.What Is Health?Probably, the most commonly cited definition of health is the 1948 definition by the World Health Organization (WHO). “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”The 1994 Mosby, 4th Edition, Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Dictionary defines health as: “A condition of physical, mental and social wellbeing and the absence of disease or other abnormal condition. It is not a static condition.”Rice University defines health as being “a multi-dimensional concept that is usually and measured in terms of: l) absence of physical pain, physical disability, or a condition that is likely to cause death, 2) emotional well-being, and 3) satisfactory social functioning.”Wikipedia sees health as being “the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental or social challenges.”Fritjof Capra and Pier Luisi in their 2014 book, The Systems View of Life, define health as “a state of well-being, resulting from a dynamic balance that involves the physical and psychological aspects of the organism, as well as its interactions with its natural and social environment.”The 2013 Edition 22 of Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary defines health as “a condition in which all functions of the body and mind are normally active.”In Merriam – Webster’s 2006 Medical Dictionary, health is “(1) the condition of an organism or one of its parts in which it performs its vital functions normally or properly; the state of being sound in body or mind; freedom from physical disease and pain. (2) the condition of an organism with respect to the performance of its vital functions, especially as evaluated subjectively (How’s your health today?).”Stedman’s 7th Edition Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing, 2012, has defined health as “(1) the state of an organism when it functions optimally without evidence of disease or abnormality; (2) a state characterized by anatomic, physiologic and psychological integrity; ability to perform personally valued family, work and community roles; ability to deal with physical, biologic psychological and social stress; a feeling of wellbeing; freedom from the risk of disease and untimely death.Unlike health status which is a fixed state at any one specific point in time, health is a much larger concept. “Health is largely a subjective experience whose quality can be known intuitively but can never be exhaustively defined or quantified.” (Capra and Luisi, 2014) Health is therefore relative, subjective and multi-dimensional. How we define life will determine how we define health. Since life depends on the natural and social environments, so does our health.When examining and considering definitions, it is important from a conceptual perspective to remember that definitions are only part of the perspective. For conceptual clarity, one also needs to consider context and relevancy as being equally important as areas to focus on as well.Understanding health in relationship to worksite wellness is not as simple as defining the term.

5 Ways to Make Finances Easier – Personal Finance Basics

Wouldn’t life be great if you could make your finances easier to deal with? I’ve created a list of five ways to make finances easier to help with personal finance basics. The nice thing about making your banking more simple is you have the opportunity to save more cash and have more free time for you and your family. Banking can be easy.1. Use Direct Deposit: Direct deposit is the 1st and easiest way to make your financial situation a lot easier. Amazingly many people do not take advantage of this opportunity and still venture to their financial institution every week to cash their paycheck. Your place of employment likely offers the option for direct deposit and it will save your time and in some cases money.2. Create Two Checking Accounts: This is another way that helps you to understand how much cash you can spend each month and how much money must be allocated for bills. A great way to make this work is to make one account to deposit your paycheck and the other account is used for bill payments. By doing this you won’t over spend and will always have the right amount left over to pay all of your bills.3. Create a High Rate Savings Account: Many financial institutions give you the option to create a high rate savings account and you should really consider taking advantage of this. A high rate savings account can be a wonderful place to set aside cash for an emergency fund and often offers saving rates of three percent or even higher. You can make small contributions from one of your checking accounts that will quickly help the balance grow and will do so a lot better than most other types of accounts.4. Automate Your Banking: Your bank has an option for online banking and it can make life incredibly easy. Online banking is personal finance basics at their best. You can check your account from anywhere in the world and schedule monthly bill payments. The options are limitless, online banking is perfectly safe and banking can be done from the comfort of your own home.5. Create a Bill Calendar: You should think about creating a written calendar for yourself, to help prevent mistakes. It’s a smart idea to write down when your bills are due in a notebook or on a personal organizer as a regular reminder. Be certain it is written in a place you will look at around once every few days. Having a written reminder should help prevent over spending and is a just a great way to prioritize your finances.Banking doesn’t have to be difficult. The better you simplify the personal finance basics in your life chances are you will save more cash and make all of your regular payments. It may take a little effort to begin with, it should be smooth sailing from there on in.

First Page Of Google – And How It Can Be The Best Help For Local Business

Why is the first page of Google so important to local businesses and how can it help them?Many local businesses have had a hard time lately. Lots of high streets all over the western world have empty shops, as lots of businesses have had to close down, due to the economical climate of recent years.This has had the effect of high unemployment and a shortage of money, for everyone that has a physical business.Traditional forms of local advertising such as Yellow Pages and local newspaper adverts are not working anymore and they are getting more and more expensive because they have had to increase the prices for local businesses, in an attempt to recoup the loss in revenue they have had.Times are changing, and local businesses are falling behind, as they don’t know what they can do about the current climate. True, some have had their own websites built, only to be disappointed by the results that they have had from them and have wasted a lot of money paying expensive website designers thousands of dollars for flashy websites.The truth is that it’s just not good enough to have a website built for it only to disappear into cyber space, as 95% of them do, never getting found by the people who are looking for them. The fact is that 70%+ of people now search online to find the services and products that they are looking for, and these people would prefer to buy from a local businesses.It’s not all bad news though, Google have recognized this and they have done something about it, it’s called Google places. So now when you do a search for a service, they do their best to deliver local results. They even show you where that service is located, by showing you a map, with a little flag on it, this happens even if you don’t specify the area, as Google knows by the I.P. address of the computer searching for it.Some local businesses are using this service now, and have seen good results from it. The problem though is that the first pages are already filling up fast, and unless local businesses claim their listings fast, whilst there is still time, the first pages will be gone forever.Why is it so important to get the first page listing? Well it’s a fact with any listing, whether it is for a website, or for Google Places, that most searchers do not look beyond the first page, some may look on the second page, but barely any look at the third page.Which brings me back to talking about websites that are never found by the people that are looking for them, and the reason for this is, that these websites are not using the power of SEO (search engine optimization) you see if the Google bots (robots that crawl a site to see what it is about) can’t properly understand what the site is about, Google will not present it to the searchers. This is the case for around about 95% of sites out there.The fact is that local businesses now really have to get a website whether they want one or not, not only do they have to get a website, but it also has to have good on page search engine optimization, to get found, firstly by the Google bots, and secondly by the searchers who are looking for it.It’s also a fact that a lot of website designers know little or nothing about SEO, it’s true that they can give you a pretty website, but what’s the use of that if it can’t be found. Not only do you need a website, but you also need it to be on the first page of Google and the other search engines. So what are the choices that you have available to you?Well you have the choice of learning how to do this for yourself, (if you can fit this into your busy schedule) but you can expect it to take at quite a lot of time for you to learn how to do it, and it will also give you a lot of headaches, and expect to make some mistakes.Or you could save yourself a lot of work, and use a professional company to do it for you, there are several Internet marketers out there that are offering their services, and some Internet marketers do have the experience to do this sort of work, but choose carefully.What will this do for your business? I hear you ask, some people have experienced 70% more business within a few months, what will that do for your profits? What if you only get 10 new enquiries a week, well it depends what line of business you are in, but if you are a dentist then I suspect that it will do quite a lot for your business. I don’t want to promise the earth, but it could be 10 new enquiries a day.Think of the money you would save by not spending on local newspaper ads, and on Yellow pages who promise you nothing at all.I hope that you can now see the benefits of being on the first page of Google, and that you now understand the importance of it, and how it will help your local business.It’s up to you to decide what to do, but you cannot afford to take this lightly, the Internet and Internet marketing is taking over the way that people look for your services, and the way that people now shop, ignore this at your peril.If you have enjoyed this article please feel free to share with your friends, they might also benefit from it.Here’s to your success,”Wolfie”

Finding Great Places and Hotels in Sri Lanka

The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is famous for its rich heritage and serenity throughout time. Sri Lanka is truly a paradise within unimaginable beauty. Some of the many names for Sri Lanka are “The Pearl of the Orient” and “Teardrop of India”. Undeniably, Sri Lanka has lured so many people to visit the place because of its mystique. What separates Sri Lanka from the sub continent of India are the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. This wonderful place is located in the Indian Ocean to the Bengal Bay’s south west. Sri Lanka has a truly unique charm. Every morning, fresh sun light travels through the mountains, the golden beaches reaches you in your hotel window and shares warmth on you as it brings you to the best experience you can ever have. Here are the great sites that you can find great places and hotels in Sri Lanka.1. Bentota – Before, Bentota used to be thought to lie on the way to Galapatha Temple. The temple is believed in legends that it is connected by a maze of underground tunnels with all the other temples within the vicinity. Today, Bentota is so active on sea sports and other breathtaking activities. On its lagoons, there are calm waters you can enjoy with wakeboarding, canoeing or even wind surfing.2. Galle Town – Old Galle is a UNESCO world heritage site. The fort itself, which is an important monument, has a growing community with huge ramparts, massive bastions, pepper pot towers, while the streets show its Dutch culture.3. Colombo – Colombo is the center point of Sri Lanka, a perfect symbol of hilly and marshy land. During monsoon, it heavily rains even though the climate is hot. Because of its perfect location, it has helped developed the East-West sea trade route. Colombo hotels are well-known for providing homely services and facilities, which are nice and satisfying for the visitors.4. Weligama – Weligama means ‘Sandy Village’. It is named from that term because of the bay’s sandy sweep. Weligama is a tranquil fishing town which is away from the busy cities located in Matara district 143 km off Colombo. It is one of Sri Lanka’s most dramatic natural bays and is ideal for water sports.5. Tangalle – Tangalle is located 220 Km from the city of Colombo. It is one of the main city points for numerous tourist attraction places. Tangalle beach and its bays and lagoons became one of the many alluring beaches of the district of Hambantota and are much known among tourists worldwide. It is truly endowed with excellent facilities for fishing, swimming, sunning and bathing.

Things You Need to Know About PAYDAY LOANS

Payday Loans often termed as Salary Loans or Cash advance loans are short term loans, relatively of small amount provided with the assurance to be paid back as soon as the borrower gets his salary or payday. Payday loans are generally for the time period of one or two weeks, as they are borrowed for instant need of money and are to be paid back after the next wages arrives. Borrowers need to provide a postdated cheque of the amount to be paid to the lenders. If on the very particular day the cash amount is not received by the borrower, the lenders are eligible to deposit the cheque in their respective accounts, which in case if bounces can result in a hike in the paid amount because of the cheque bounce penalties together with the effect of notice period being over. Borrowers can also use electronic mediums to receive and pay the amount.Who are eligible to get payday loans?Borrowers need to have a bank account and a steady source of income with their identification ids to get a payday loan, that ensures that the person is trust worthy enough to pay the loan amount back, as he is employed and earning.Payday lendersThe payday loans are provided either by some payday loan store or the stores providing other financial services. In order to prevent the unreasonable and excessively high rates of interests over these loans by lenders, some jurisdictions limit the APR i.e. annual percentage rate that any lender can charge.Payday compensation and refundIn some cases, the payday loan proves to be load for life, as it can reach to an extend where it becomes impossible for you to repay the whole amount you borrowed as the amount becomes unaffordable. This case generally arises when the interest rates are getting higher and higher and you are unable to pay the final amount every time. The amount generally becomes unaffordable when the only way to pay it, is to take on another loan. Sometimes the company is responsible for the situation as it provides loan to a person who already is trapped in other loans, or is not in suitable financial state, in such a case, the person can ask for a refund or compensation, after proving that the company didn’t treat him fairly. Treating unfair means suggesting wrong ideas, plans or schemes, that took the borrower at a stage where he is all surrounded by financial crises.The borrower can prove the company was responsible for the amount getting unaffordable status for him, as it lend the loan, even after seeing the bounced cheque records, and the financial state of the borrower, the amount is now that large that it consumes more than half of his income, making it impossible for him to repay. The borrower hence can ask the compensation or refund of the amount.The question arises now is what amount should be claimed for compensation, this totally depends on the current situation. Was it totally clear to the lender that the amount is becoming unaffordable to the customer, and if it was so then why was the lender still lending money. The amount after which the loans lend were becoming too high to get paid back by the consumer should be refunded or compensated.Though the customer isn’t likely to get the whole amount refunded, but he can ask as much he can, and let the justice decide further. The customer first can simply ask for removing the unaffordable loans from his credit account, and a refund of all the interests he paid.

A Water Garden Kit Has Everything You Need For A Great Water Garden

You may ask ‘what are water garden kits?’ Let’s just say that this is like Batman’s utility belt for every gardener who has a water pond. With water garden kit, the water gardener has everything he needs.So the next question is ‘what’s inside a water garden kit?’ Read on so you could take a peek at the water gardener’s utility belt.To enhance the attractiveness and beauty of their water garden, the kit is necessary for every gardener. Not only will human beings appreciate the view, even wildlife such as birds will come flocking your garden.1. Some kits contain a one fountain pump that comes with a safety cord. This is for water gardeners who prefer to install their own fountains by themselves.2. They also contain a 4-pack bird bath cleaner that thoroughly flushes out the organic residue and mineral deposits that build up in bird baths. Made from beneficial enzymes and bacteria, the water gardener’s bird bath will be healthier than ever. These handy dispensers float in the bowl and continuously threat the water for 30 days. Do not worry, these dispenser will not prevent the birds from drinking and bathing on the bath. In getting this, you even provided your flying pets with clean water.3. No water gardener wants pesticides in his garden. Destroy those pesky mosquitoes even they are in their larvae states. Mosquitoes are so irritating, plus they can be harmful to human beings and animals. Mosquito bites transmit deadly viruses both to people and pets.Garden kits contain solutions that you can throw into standing water. In only a matter of minutes, you can observe that it dissolves and releases granules that target mosquito larvae. These pests are destroyed way before they buzz around.4. A main concern for water gardeners is the water that seeps through the entire ecosystem. That is why they have a water garden filter system in the first place to do the job. But for maintenance, water garden kits also include pond water filters that instantly remove the chlorine and chloramines from hose water. Simply by attaching these to your hose, you can fill up your pond and not worry about chlorine getting into the marine ecosystem and creating problems for your fish.5. You want to feed your fish the best so we recommend that you buy a nutritionally balanced pellet that is also economically productive for everyday feeding of your goldfish. Make sure that it contains crude protein and can easily be digested by your pet fish living in water temperatures ranging from 50F to 65F.There are some special pellets that combine the high quality required amino acids, digestive enzymes and vegetable proteins. Water gardeners and koi enthusiasts turn to these kinds of pellets for assurance that their pets will be healthy,Usually, a water garden pond kit contains pond liner, the underlayment for the pond liner, a submersible pump, a filter, pond sterilizer, tubings, fittings and nozzle. Get the easy start pond kit to help you gear up for the water garden pond that you have always wanted.The most popular garden kits are those that have everything the water gardener needs to have an attractive water garden. From maintaining the ponds to feeding the fish, the items inside the garden kit must be of top quality.If a pump is included in the water garden kit, make sure that it can suck the water from the pond even with the skimmer flap placed above it. The pump should also filter the water as it passes through skimmers and pushed out to the tubing.In fact some pumps have steam effect that allows it to make greater water drops (that is if you have a fountain). The good thing about having a water garden kit is that there are accessories that can play up your creativity, especially if you have a water garden fountain in your pond.Most of the time, water garden kits can be assembled in the sense that it is a complete package deal for those who have water garden ponds with fountains. Considering the fact that it contains most of the tools you need for your hobby.